Wildest Arctic

The phenomenal beauty and astounding wildlife of the Arctic

WILDEST ARCTIC documents the phenomenal beauty and astounding wildlife of the Arctic. In this world of harsh extremes, witness bizarre formations, frozen for the season, and horrific blizzards, as our camera crews document all of the seasons.

Wildlife featured includes:

* Grizzly Bear: play with their new spring cubs.

* Moose: female flees for her life, chased by a large brown bear.

* Musk Ox: primeval in appearance, rutting males charge at one another at high speed, colliding head-on.

* Lynx: cunning predators, attacking and playing with a squirrel, followed by fierce fighting with another lynx.

* Caribou: their annual migration, new born calves. Chased by a grizzly.

* Gray wolves: hunting in packs, they pursue a goat, then tear it apart and feast on it.

* Brown Bear: the master carnivore, catching and feasting on huge quantities of salmon. An orgy of gorging.

Action sequences involving:

* Arctic Fox, Wolverine, Svalbard Reindeer, Ptarmigan, Squirrel, Dall Sheep, Raccoon families, Sitka Deer, giant Elk, Marmots, European Weasel, Beaver.

Off the Arctic coastline, aquatic creatures are equally as active.

* Dall Porpoise chased by killer whales. The water turns white with thrashing porpoise and whales.

* Humpback whales: bubble netting, several whales at a time, breaking the surface together, their mouths agape, to swallow hundreds of fish.

* Stellar Sea Lions at play, families of Harbour seals.

* Sea otter: feeding, mating, playing with their young.

* Brightly coloured Puffins.

* Bald Eagle hunting together to catch fish.

* Walrus gathering near ice floes.

* Polar bear: chasing, killing eating seal.