Eye In The Sky: Australia gives viewers an amazing bird’s eye view over Australia.
Part 01

Gracefully gliding over Australia’s multiple diverse landscapes, this programme captures this island continent from a heavenly perspective.

Destinations covered range from the stunning coastlines and Great Barrier Reef to the amazing outback, centred around the iconic Red Rock, Uluru.

Big city life in Sydney is showcased, as are deep gorges and waterfalls of the Blue Mountains.

In contrast, follow champion skiers from a high, as they whisk down the white wonder that is the Australian Alps in winter.

The migration of mighty Humpback whales is displayed, as are the peaceful beach kangaroos of the South Coast.

Part 02

Rural scenes include a journey by hot air balloon, the dazzling yellow fields of Canola, and the white wonder of vast cotton crops.

Australia’s territories like Norfolk Island are also revealed, with wind surfers flying fast over colourful coral reefs.

EYE IN THE SKY: AUSTRALIA: Beautifully filmed with a series of 4K cameras over the length and breadth of this ancient land.

It’s evocative, its soul stirring. Come fly high with our cameras as we showcase a unique land from way up with the Gods.