Australia's Terrifying Top 20

A Countdown of Australia's Top 20 most Frightening Creatures

Natural wonders?

or natural killers?

Welcome to Australia. Home to more deadly creatures - on land and in the sea - than anywhere else on earth.

From spiders to snakes. Dingoes to Great Whites. Stingrays to Saltwater crocs.

Australians, and visitors, have much to fear. Killers in all shapes and sizes. Which is the most deadly, the most terrifying? Hear from the experts and the victims as GraingerTV counts down Australia's Terrifying Top 20.

Australia has more deadly wildlife - both on land and sea - than anywhere in the world. Even seemingly harmless animals have their dark side. This countdown presents animals that have killed, or have the potential to kill, humans in Australia. Each animal’s unique method of attacking prey - along with shocking facts - will captivate all viewers.

Blood curdling creatures of the land, unnerving giants of the deep and horrifying animals of the air. As we countdown the killers & their victims in Australia's Terrifying Top 20.