Fabulous Foals

The Saddle Club Phenomena


FABULOUS FOALS is an exciting look at the incredibly diverse world of horses, focussing on their cutest first months of life. Designed as a third in the series to PRECIOUS PUPPIES and CUTEST KITTENS, this one-hour special is designed to capture younger viewers caught up in the current craze for horses - the SADDLE CLUB phenomena.

FABULOUS FOALS takes us around the globe to discover the many beautiful breeds of horse, from the smallest to the tallest; from hard-working heavy horses to the majestic Spanish dancing horses. A program of grand proportions, we¹ll see a whole range of horse sports, horse shows, talented movie horses and the loving relationships that families and children have with their mounts - all designed to fascinate, compel and uplift us.

The programme will start with a short highlights package where we discover the beauty of the horse and their magnificent abilities as natural performers. The first segment is the Miracle of birth. Here, we follow pregnant mares and birthing. We take a look at those tentative first few weeks of life - foals growing up with their mothers and the loving bond they share together.

The next segment Glorious Horses profiles the diverse range of horse breeds from around the world. We see miniature ponies, spotted horses, ancient breeds, unique Icelandic ponies, horses from the Camargue in France, magnificent Arabian stallions - amazing horses in a myriad of beautiful colours, shapes and sizes.

Our next segment Stablemates captures the foals developing into adults. We watch their playful behaviour, prancing around in the fields with other fillies and colts, and watch demonstrations of how horses communicate through body language. This moves us into how humans communicate with horses. An outstanding horse whisperer reveals all the secrets of training horses the gentle way.

In Equine performers we examine the working lives of horses, from heavy horses on the farm, race horses on the track, through to the glamour of the show ring. We see the amazing world of horse sports: cross country, show jumping, dressage, pony club gymkhanas and polo.

Horsing around: in this segment, we¹re out to have fun and take a walk on the wildside. Everything from circus horses to wild rodeos, as well as those amazing horses trained for the movies. A look at the unique relationship between families and their horses/ponies - the bonds they build and the fun they have - riding bareback on the beach, swimming with their horses, grooming and feeding them - and most importantly treating them as one of the family.

The program concludes with two amazing demonstrations of horse skills:

1. The ancient art of classical riding at the prestigious Spanish riding school in Vienna, including the sensational Spanish dancing horses.
2. The Spirit of the Horse performance in Britain.

Horses are a current hot global phenomena. FABULOUS FOALS captures the mood.