Australia's Deadliest Destinations

The most remote and the most forbidding landscapes of the world's largest island, Australia

This series of seven documentaries features the most remote and the most forbidding landscapes of the world's largest island, Australia.

This is a land of lethal creatures and death-defying stories of survival. Greg Grainger has documented chilling stories of assault and escape, from crocodiles and snakes, to sharks and spiders, from the giant Cassowarry birds to the smallest ants that swarm like armies.

The series reveals landscapes - from deserts to coral reefs, from snow-fields to wetlands - filled with venomous creatures. It follows the characters who live and work in these death zones and how they handle these killers.

Highlights include:

A snake wrangler bitten on the nose by a deadly king brown snake

A giant 4-metre crocodile jumps from the water and snaps its jaws shut on our camera, destroying it and almost pulling our cameraman into the water.

A Great White shark bites inflatable on the Ningaloo Reef.

The series features:

THE SIMPSON DESERT: In the driest region of Australia, explorer Rob Porcaro walks from one side of the desert to the other, encountering wild bull camels and temperatures approaching 60-degrees celsius.

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF: The world¹s most beautiful reef is also home to some of the world¹s most deadly creatures. Attacks by tiger sharks, people paralysed by box jelly fish, and toxic cone shells.

KAKADU: A group of aborigines hunt for wild snakes in billabongs teeming with thousands of birds, while dodging some of the largest and most deadly crocodiles around the world.

SNOW AND SURVIVAL: Conditions in a mid-winter blizzard in Australia¹s snow fields are dangerous in the extreme, as we witness an adventurer trapped in the collapse of a snow cave.

NORTHERN RAINFORESTS: The rainforests of coastal far north Queensland are both lush and deadly, filled with giant tarantulas, and cassowarries so aggressive they can rip a man¹s chest open with their dagger-like claws.

THE KIMBERLY REACHES: Meet a family that catches crocodiles by hand in their billabongs. Witness the pursuit and capture of wild bulls inland, emus that cause serious injuries and occassional death, while on the coastline, irakandji jellyfish that prey and paralyse.

NINGALOO REEF: This wild and unique coral reef teems with deadly creatures, from great white sharks to enormous sea snakes, the most venomous snake in the world.

TASMANIA: Home to the most aggressive and deadly ants in the world, the Jumping Jack ants, and the fierce Tasmanian Devils.

FRASER ISLAND: One of the world¹s most dangerous and deadly dogs , the dingo, is tracked by experts in the roughest of terrain.