This documentary looks at just how clever animals are, how capable of rational thought they are. Impressive animal footage, profound findings. This program is a winner on two levels - as pure entertainment with its high action animal sequences, or as a stimulating thought-provoker, stirring the imagination about the possibilities of animal intelligence.

The program examines animals in five categories - sea life, domestic pets, wildlife, birds, and apes and chimpanzees. Experiments and observations recorded include:

* The ballet dolphins: Communication taken to new levels at Hawaii's Kewalo Basin Marine Laboratory where dolphins develop their own swimming routines together.

* Smart Alex: Possibly the world's most intelligent bird; Alex the African Grey Parrot is amazing researchers at the University of Arizona with his ability to make logical conclusions.

* The Hidden Life of Dogs: New Hampshire-based author Elizabeth Marshall Thomas introduces her cunning canine Sundog, and imparts her insights from a lifetime of studying dogs.

* Primates not so primitive: Breakthroughs about animal behaviour including studies of the tiny marmoset monkey at the Wisconsin Regional Primate Centre.

* Never forgetting: The elephant. Revealing observations about these gentle giants from two experts who've spent a lifetime caring for them: Daphne Sheldrick in Kenya and Randall Jay Moore in Botswana's wildlife rich Okavango Delta.

* Sharing Shamu's Show: The brilliant killer whale Shamu displays the depth of communication lines established with trainers at Seaworld in Florida.

* Helping the Handicapped: Dolphins at Eilat in Israel are so intelligent & sensitive they're being used to assist the recover of autistic and handicapped children.

* PLUS: The latest findings on chimpanzees, and the natural cunning of animals in the wild: leopards on the hunt, and polar bears at play.