DOCUMENTARIES > TRAVEL > Sunrise over South Africa

The treasures and truths of a South Africa seldom seen, documented as Apartheid is dismantled. From its game parks, rich in the wildest of wildlife and its stunning scenery - Table Mountain, the Drakensberg - to its profusion of colourful races - the Zulus, the ring necked Ndebele.

Highlights include the Cheetah Lady, with her hand-reared tame cheetahs. Ostrich racing. The baboons of Cape Drive, climbing into the camera car and refusing to depart as its driven off.

Tracking lions and leopards. Amazing close-up footage of a day in the life of a leopard, hunting and dragging its kill up a tree pursued by hyenas. A rare black rhino born in captivity. Gold and diamond mines, elegance on Rovos Rail, hot air ballooning, the Drakensberg Boys Choir.