OUTRAGEOUS features characters who are way-over-the-top. The bizarre, the zany, the outright crazies:

* Dave Danger: Sets himself alight and leaps from cliff tops.
* Big Bad Bruce: Loves to suck on a cockroach or two.
* Todd the Blood Lover: Chews razor blades, hacks into his arm with a knife.
* Dainty Wayne: The worm farmer who dines out on his harvest.
* Mister Mouth: Sticks his hand down his throat, followed by burning matches.
* Cronk the Crazy: A uni cyclist with a penchant for riding on the edge of high cliffs.
* The sewer singers: The crooners who go wild in giant stormwater drains.
* Zane: The melodic canine superstar.
* The surfing Rabbits: Scooter, the rabbit man, and his surf-boarding entourage.
* Twisted soul: Angela, the contortionist, works out on pool tables in mid contest.
* The ferret man: His pets climb down his throat.
* Harold: 80 years on, still painting his teeth and flirting outrageously.
* Fat-o-gram: 20-stone Margaret strips for a birthday bash.