Kiwi Magic

Scenic beauty, rich culture, quaint characters and high adventures of New Zealand

KIWI MAGIC is a 52 minute special, capturing the scenic beauty, rich culture, quaint characters and high adventures of New Zealand.

The adventure starts off on top of New Zealand's highest mountain, Aoraki Mount Cook, a place renowned for its scenic beauty and awesome adventures. Sea kayaking under and around glaciers, ice climbing high in the mountains, and land on fresh snow in a ski plane.

On Stewart Island we go in search of the national symbol, the Kiwi, as it comes close enough to touch.

The adrenalin capital of the world, Queenstown, show's just how it's gained its title. Our helicopter guide "Choppy Pattersen"takes us from extreme to extreme, with jet boats narrowly missing cliff faces, to the world's fastest adventure ride (Fly By Wire). Finally we're escorted to Blanket Bay, one of the world's most luxurious lodges.

We cruise through the visually spectacular Milford Sound in our ship the Milford Wanderer. Sailing alongside huge snow-clad mountains towerring out of the ocean, with fur seals and waterfalls hanging off every corner.

On the wild west coast it's festive season in Hokitika. The annual Wild Food Festival showcases the most unusual foods and characters. Scorpions, seagull, grasshoppers, worms and local huhu grubs are served up for those game enough to try.

The thermal wonderland of Rotorua displays active geysers, mud pools, sulphur craters and an active volcano which spits boiling mud hundreds of metres in the air. Our guide "Sonny"teaches a traditional Haka before receiving a taamoco, a traditional tattoo.

The Tongariro crossing is one of New Zealand's most famous walks. We explore the emerald lakes and sulphur vents in the harshest conditions possible.

Take a step back in time to the 1930's in Napier, the Art Deco capital of the world. Vintage cars, motor bikes, planes, soap box derby┬╣s, dancing and fashion are shown to us by our 1930's guide, Bertie.