Images of Italy

A very stylish portrayal of a very stylish country

A very stylish portrayal of a very stylish country. From the enchantment of the Tuscany region through to the classic charm of the opera at Verona and a gondola regatta in Venice. In the medieval city of Siena, witness the world's most unconventional horse race, the Palio, with its wild scenes of fierce emotions.

In Chianti country, enjoy typical Tuscan fare prepared by someone who represents all that is old Italy, Lorenza de' Medici. In the city of Arezzo, join the thrill of the annual Giostra del Saraceno, their tournament for jousting.

In Italy's centre of culture, Florence, watch artisans at the Monastery of Santa Croce. Share the moving scenes as the Pope gives his Sunday Angelus at his country residence in the hills outside Rome, Castlegondolfo. In Naples, observe Italian lovers in their newspaper-shielded cars, taste the national delicacy of Mozzarella, sail to Capri, playground of the rich and famous, and climb the infamous Mount Versuvius with Vicenzo Cardola, official guide now well into his 80's.

Thrill to the legacy in style left to the world by Enzo Ferrari, take a glimpse at a personal fashion show in Milan, and drop in on the mansions of Lake Como.

Follow the truffle hunters of Alba, their specially trained dogs heading into the forests in search of this elusive hypogean fungus they call Tartufo.

Climax of our Italian experience is in Venice, for the annual regatta of gondoliers.

The final scenes are every bit as chaotic as those at the jousting in Arezzo, or the horse race at the Palio. But it's chaos with style as only the Italians know how.