Heavenly Hawaii

The mystery and allure of the islands of Hawaii

Greg Grainger discovers the mystery and allure of the islands of Hawaii in an expedition that embraces both culture and adventure.

These days, Hawaii is undergoing a cultural resurgence, with Greg's mission to learn about the country's ancient ways that are now being revived with such passion.

At a Festival of the Arts gathering on the island of Maui, traditional Hawaiian leaders go through a solemn ritual that culminates in a feast and performances of the hula.

On the island of Kauai, he flies by ultra light and helicopter around rugged cliffsides, finding waterfalls made famous in the film Jurassic Park.

On the Big Island, he goes night diving with manta rays, rides with Hawaiian cowboys, finds snow and observatories on one mountain, and flowing volcanic lava on another.

On Oahu, he sails in waters filled with humpback whales and spinner dolphins and boards a replica of the ancient canoes that carried Hawaii's first settlers.