Canada Wild

Polar Bears fight for survival

Features 4 Canadian wilderness regions and wildlife:

1. Queen Charlotte Islands, British Vancouver. Sail past foraging black bears, whales, racoons, seals and sea lions, catching Coho Salmon in the land of the Haida Indians.

2. Rocky Mountains: Trek, horse ride and raft through Rockies. Wildlife includes rutting elks.

3. Polar bears who congregate in Cape Churchill once a year waiting for the ice flow to form. Exclusive footage of bears wrestling and boxing. Interview with survivor of bear attack.

4. Baffin Island. Trek across the arctic circle to meet the Inuits - Eskimos who carve soap stone. Hunt caribou and seal with a family of Inuits and eat raw caribou meat and seaweed. Throat singing: 2 women face to face chant weird noises.