Dreamworld Gold Coast has commissioned Sydney-based production house, GraingerTV, to produce an Australian wildlife and habitat documentary to screen in its 6-storey movie theatre.

The 30 minute production, titled “Australia, the Great Southern Land”, will focus on the four themed territories that Dreamworld showcases: The wetlands of Kakadu, the Rainforests of the Daintree, the Outback, and Koala country.

GraingerTV has been travelling to these territories, recording stunning images of both the habitat and its wildlife.

Members of the Dreamworld wildlife team will be featured in the programme, including Al Mucci, General Manager of Life Sciences.

“What we want to achieve with this production is to bring the enormous diversity and beauty of Australia to the big screen,” says Al.

“Our aim is to share Dreamworld's passion for wildlife with our Australian and International guests as a warm-up to a visit to our wildlife sanctuary. There guests can actually see and touch the real thing.”

One of the team’s major projects has been breeding the bilbies at Dreamworld, and releasing them into protected enclosures in the bush. GraingerTV will follow the entire bilby story, from breeding through to release.

Dreamworld’s International Sales Manager, Erin Rolfe, says the production will entertain both local and international audiences. “We intend to screen a Mandarin version of the programme every morning to our growing audiences of Chinese visitors, with another screening in English every afternoon.”

GraingerTV has commenced editing this production, with chief cameraman Jefferson Grainger and team travelling all over Australia - from Tasmania to Uluru, from Kakadu to the Daintree.

“For the past few years, we’ve been specialising in filming Australia for series screened by both Channel 7 and the ABC, such as the weekly Travel Oz series,” says Greg Grainger, CEO and executive producer of GraingerTV.

“We have discovered some very special places and extraordinary wildlife behaviours which we will be featuring in the Dreamworld production”.

Filming and editing will be concluded in August, aimed at screening in Dreamworld’s Giant screen cinema from September.


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