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IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE PHARAOHS documents a journey through Egypt, visiting reminders of the country’s prolific ancient civilisation, and experiencing the vibrancy of modern Egyptians.

Producer/presenter GREG GRAINGER goes on an expedition that begins at the magnificent relocated temples at Abu Simbel, near the Sudanese border. In Aswan, Greg sails by felucca across mighty dams, then travels along the Nile River to Luxor and its incredible temples and tombs. Finally, in the capital of Cairo, he explores new excavations around the Pyramids.

Highlights along the way include:

* singing boatmen
* exotic belly dancers
* sumptuous feasts
* colourful bazaars
* and a high society wedding.

Throughout, reminders of the pharoahs and their awesome civilisation prevail. The relics they’ve left behind - the pyramids, the temples, the tombs - are by far the richest and most prolific of any ancient culture anywhere in the world.