Charming China - Episode 1. Sichuan - 1x 30mins

The western Chinese province of Sichuan.
Famous for its hot spicy food. Watch how this spicy Sichuan cuisine is prepared, served and eaten.
It’s also home to Pandas. We visit a breeding facility. Pandemonium personified.
From Tea parties and Taoist temples, Sichuan’s rich culture is on show.
Also, cruising to see Giant Buddhas.

Charming China - Episode 3. Hainan - 1x 30mins

Experience the Terracotta Warriors in Shaanxi province China.
Spectacular waterfalls, night lights, and massed performances.
At the start of the Silk Road, ride city walls by bike, enjoy dancing fountains, learn to make exotic dumplings, climb love mountains, walk through historic townships, photograph the red brides.

Charming China - Episode 2. Shaanxi - 1x 30mins

China's tropical Hawaii-style Resort Island.
Featuring its ethnic Li people, Street performances, Monkey islands, Movie towns,
Seafood markets and Fishermen's floating villages.