Shelley Winkel of Tourism and Events Queensland presents Greg with his 2017 award.

Australian media production company GRAINGER TV has launched a vigorous campaign to embrace the new world of communications.

Video content produced will be distributed to both TV networks AND major web outlets with audiences in excess of 500,000,000 viewers.

Grainger TV specialises in the travel industry, with their productions being cut into vignettes of 1-minute duration for web outlets, and programs of 30 to 60-minutes duration for international TV networks.

The web outlets include Daily Motion (297,574,311) Flickr (112,000,000) and Buzzfeed (12,794,000). (sources available on request)

Special attention is being paid to the growing Chinese market, with Grainger TV appointing a specialist Chinese communications expert Ange Mai to handle that market.

Vignettes will be fed to the Chinese web outlet Toutiao (175,000,000) while Grainger TV now feeds directly to the Chinese Government web service (6,000,000).

Embracing the digital age, GraingerTV has also launched a new Instagram service STUNNINGLY SPECTACULAR which is focussed on travel, and will feature destinations filmed by the Grainger TV cameramen.

The one hour TV programs will continue to service major international broadcasters with contracts current for National Geographic, Netflix and Fox.

The 30-minute TV specials include Travel USA (to be launched at MIPCOM Cannes October 2017 featuring destinations such as Utah, Nevada and Texas) and TRAVEL OZ (QANTAS inflight, 7 Network – Channel 7, 7TWO, and 7FLIX).

Travel Oz is celebrating 10 years of production with its 130th episode, broadcast first by the ABC, and now the Seven Network.

Grainger TV’s executive producer is Logie-winner Greg Grainger, who has just been awarded the ASTW Award for Excellence 2017 as Best Travel Presenter.