TRAVEL USA TV series launches in Cannes

An international television series featuring the best travel destinations in the USA is being launched over the next few days in Cannes.

TRAVEL USA showcases the top places, events and characters right across the USA, with all footage filmed in super high-quality 4K.

The program is being distributed by TVF International (HQ London), the acknowledged leaders in factual programming.

TRAVEL USA is being produced by GraingerTV, a Sydney-based television production company which has had enormous success with a similiar style programme featuring Australia. 130 episodes of Travel Oz have been produced so far.

The Travel USA series includes episodes filmed in Utah, Nevada, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Australian media production company GRAINGER TV has launched a vigorous campaign to embrace the new world of communications.

Video content produced will be distributed to both TV networks AND major web outlets with audiences in excess of 500,000,000 viewers.

Grainger TV specialises in the travel industry, with their productions being cut into vignettes of 1-minute duration for web outlets, and programs of 30 to 60-minutes duration for international TV networks.

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Greg Grainger has been awarded the BEST TRAVEL PRESENTER for 2017 by the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

The annual AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE, staged on the Sunshine Coast, saw three finalists in this category.

Greg submitted three productions for the judges:
* THE WHALE WHISPERER, featuring the whales of Hervey Bay.

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GraingerTV Partners with RightSmith to License Breathtaking Collection of Documentary Film Footage

Production companies, TV/film/media companies and creative agencies now have access to stock footage curated from GraingerTV’s extensive collection of travel, wildlife and adventure films

RightSmith Group, specialists in the licensing and management of high-value media archives, has partnered with Australia’s GraingerTV to make clips from its enormous archive of stunning stock footage available for licensing by content producers. GraingerTV’s newest productions, filmed in Australia, the USA and Duybai is now exclusively available for licensing by creative professionals via the RightSmith content portal.

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Well known American TV host and fitness fanatic Anna Kooiman is taking Australia by storm.

Having presented the number one weekend cable morning show in the world Fox and Friends for the past 3 years, Anna has married an Australian broker, and moved Down Under.

The new Aussie Travel-Action programme she’ll be presenting is ACTION ANNA. It’s a fast-paced travel show that will take her to all corners of the continent, showcasing Australia’s best-known AND lesser know destinations. She’ll also interact with the wonderful characters who live there.

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TRAVEL OZ: New timeslot on Channel 7 and 7TWO

A new year, a new timeslot.

The all-Aussie travel show TRAVEL OZ returns to the Seven Network this weekend, with 2 Queensland episodes.

7TWO is screening Travel Oz for 90-minutes every Sunday from 12-noon, with this week’s episodes featuring the great characters of outback Queensland, and the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays.

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7 Network Double Screening: Travel OZ

Travel Oz, the all-Aussie TV travel programme, is to be screened across two of the Seven Network's channels.

Both Channel 7 and 7TWO will screen Travel Oz, with the next special being aired on Channel 7 at 3pm on Sunday December 17.

The Travel Oz special featuring the return of colour to much of the Great Barrier Reef - THE HEALTHY REEF - will air on New Year's Eve.

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Top Broadcasting Award

TV producer GREG GRAINGER has been honoured with the Top Travel Broadcaster award by the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

The award was presented at the ASTW’s annual convention in Cape Town South Africa by Shelley Winkel of Tourism and Events Queensland.

Two of the three TV programmes that Grainger submitted for the award were filmed in Queensland.

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Seven Network signs new 3 year contract for Travel Oz

The all-Aussie travel programme TRAVEL OZ has been signed for 3 more years by the Seven Network.

Seven is giving TRAVEL OZ a 90-minute time slot every weekend, with new episodes to start going to air in mid June.

In a signing ceremony at the Seven Network's Pyrmont headquarters, programmers Andrew Green and Alison Perry congratulated TRAVEL OZ producer/presenter Greg Grainger on the new deal.

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Barrier Reef stars in Cannes TV Festival

The 1-hour television special ULTIMATE FREEDIVE: THE GREAT BARRIER REEF is being launched this week at the international television convention, MIP, in Cannes.

Produced by Sydney-based production company, GraingerTV, the programme is being shown by London-based TV factual specialists TVF International to major networks such as National Geographic and Discovery Communications.

National Geographic has already bought the previous GriangerTV production THE WHALE WHISPERER which features the whales of Hervey Bay in all forms of behaviour.

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Netflix/Nat Geo Buy Aussie Travel Programs

Australian TV travel production company GraingerTV has just signed a series of contracts that will see all-Aussie programs being broadcast to tens of millions of viewers world-wide.

Netflix has signed a deal for 10 GraingerTV-made 1-hour programs that will be transmitted to all of its global territories.

Nat Geo has signed a contract for THE WHALE WHISPERER, a TV special featuring the whales of Hervey Bay and supported by Tourism and Events Queensland and Fraser Coast Opportunities.

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Ultimate Freedive: The Great Barrier Reef

World champion freediver Marina Kazankova is on a mission.

To free dive the Great Barrier Reef, taking on a series of challenges, from swimming with turtles and giant groper, to diving on ship wrecks and through awesome caves.

One challenge at a time, all on a single breath of air.

Capable of holding her breath for 7-minutes at a time, Marina travels to the iconic Heart Reef, swimming around both its outer coral walls, and along its inner lagoon.

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THE WHALE WHISPERER: Grainger TV’s latest production being launched at MIPCOM in Cannes:

The WHALE WHISPERER documents the inspiring relationship between whale lover VICKI NEVILLE and the humpback whales that come to play and socialise in a unique bay off the coast of Queensland Australia.

Vicki gets us in close for a look at the whale's big repertoire of social play, from peduncle slapping and spy hopping to phenomenal breeches, where whales 11 times the size of an elephant launch themselves skywards like a Polaris missile, only to crash back down onto the waves with an enormous splash.

Never before seen behaviours have been documented by a team of 5 cinematographers over the three month whale season in Hervey Bay, all captured in glorious 4K format.

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Acclaimed Documentary Maker to Focus on Hervey Bay Whales

The star power of Hervey Bay’s famous humpback whales has proven impossible to resist for one of Australia’s most distinguished wildlife documentary makers who will showcase the gentle giants to a global audience in a new film.

Fraser Coast Opportunities (FCO) and Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) in partnership with Tasman Venture, announced today that award winning producer and presenter Greg Grainger had been secured to make a 50 minute documentary on the humpbacks of Hervey Bay.

FCO General Manager Leigh Bennett said the documentary entitled Smarter Than Your Average Whale would be based around the conservation efforts of ‘whale whisperer’ Vicki Neville, a marine biologist working for local whale watch operator Tasman Venture.

The film will also feature Wally Franklin from the Oceania Project, who has researched the Hervey Bay humpback whales for more than 25 years.

“We are very excited to be announcing details of this documentary project which is a major coup for the region,” Mr Bennett said.

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Dubai To Feature In 4-Part International TV Series

Dubai is the feature destination of a new 4-part TV series to be launched on the Seven Network.

The series, MY DUBAI, has separate themes for each episode… culture, family attractions, food and gastronomy delights, and events.

Produced by Grainger TV on assignment for Dubai Tourism, the series has been filmed on multiple shoots since December 2014, when the Dubai International Film Festival was covered.

The cultural episode features a recreated Bedouin camp with a Bedouin elder giving insight into their rich culture, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, the gold and spice souks, pearl museum, art of caligraphy, tea houses, and the Emirati style of dressing.

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Nature On Ice

There’s something breathtakingly riveting when you encounter a wild animal in its natural environment… whether you are in the Arctic, Antarctic or Galápagos.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a polar bear in the wild. I’d been travelling for a day along the coast of the stunning archipelago of Svalbard, midway between Norway and the North Pole. We’d encountered big herds of Svalbard reindeer and plenty of seals, but not a single bear. That’s the way it is with genuine wildlife sightings. You go for long periods with nothing. And then just as you think you’ll never see anything, there it is, very much alive and active. It’s a sensation that is always absolutely exhilarating. And certainly in Svalbard, my heart beat faster as we closed the distance between the bear and myself.

My mind was racing. What a magnificent creature with its glistening fur lumbering across the ice. This bear was in the prime of his life, a young male actively hunting for seals. Clambering over ice formations. Leaping onto its hind legs to crash down onto the ice, trying to break through to reach a seal. We observed this bear for an entire day, following its every step. And at day’s end, just as we were preparing to head for our shelter, it emerged from the water blood red. It had made a kill, the seal still thrashing in its mouth. For the next hour we watched it devour its prey. An experience I’ll never forget.

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Queensland To Star On Travel Oz

Tourism and Events Queensland have inked a deal with GraingerTV to produce a series of episodes for the all-Aussie TV travel show TRAVEL OZ, featuring Queensland.

Three destinations are to be featured:
Outback Queensland, the Whitsunday Islands and the Sunshine Coast.

Travel Oz producer/presenter Greg Grainger will take 2 cameramen to cover these destinations over the month of June.

The Outback episode will feature the friendly characters of Outback Queensland, in a trip that will take in Surat, Roma, Tambo, Blackall, Barcaldine, Longreach, Winton and Hughenden. The program will feature everything from the Roma Cattle Sales (Australia’s biggest), life on an outback property, the hairdresser who runs a cattle station, the Porcupine Gorge Challenge, the goat trainer, the Banjo Patterson legend, and the Dinosaur trail.

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Antarctic Adventure

Busy days, as we gear up for our next trip to the Antarctic. Greg will be leading a group of travellers, and filming for his next documentary, ANTARCTICA ALIVE.

There are still berths left on this adventure which leaves the tip of South America on November 26, bound for the Weddell Sea in the Antarctic and a colony of emperor penguins.


We’re also shooting more footage for our documentary on whale intelligence and behaviour in Hervey Bay Queensland, as well as filming more episodes of our weekly all-Aussie Travel show TRAVEL OZ, this time down the Newell Highway from West Wyalong to Shepparton.

And post production continues on the 4 episodes of My Dubai that we are producing for Dubai Tourism.

New Adventure Travel Company

Greg is launching a new travel venture, GREG GRAINGER ADVENTURES >>, in partnership with his good friend Everest summiteer Greg Mortimer's Adventure Associates.

Greg Grainger's first trip will be to the Weddell Sea in the Antarctic this November in search of a colony of Emporer Penguins.

That's followed by an expedition to the Galapagos Islands next April (2016), and a journey up near the North Pole the following July (2016) from Svalbard to Franz Josef Land.

Films created on these expeditions will be used in his future documentaries, which Greg will continue to produce in conjunction with the new adventure travel venture.

Camels Across The Arabian Desert

We've been filming in Dubai in recent months, a 4 part TV series called MY DUBAI, and a 30 part social media campaign.

Kate Fitzsimons presents those social media reports, while Greg Grainger presents the TV specials.

The 4 episodes will feature CULTURE, FAMILY ATTRACTIONS, EVENTS and FOOD.

Greg has been at the giant TV market in Cannes, MIPCOM, negotiating deals with major international broadcasters such as Discovery Communications.

Most impressed with this drone from Italy... the latest 8-blade, 4K camera-carrying drone from D8W.

Productions currently underway:
Plus 6 new episodes of TRAVEL OZ.

  • We are proud to have filmed the winning campaign MAKING TRACKS, the ad industry's highest award.

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  • GraingerTV has been commissioned by Tourism Australia to film a round Australia expedition, the Yellow Boat Road.

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  • Australia's newest TV travel programme is currently being filmed by GraingerTV.

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  • GraingerTV has produced a series of DVD postcards, 15 minute productions featuring Australia's best destinations.

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  • GraingerTV has been commissioned to film clips for the New 7 Wonders campaign with new ambassador Steve Liebmann.

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  • Witness the plight of Arctic polar bears in this GraingerTV National Geographic special: 'On Thin Ice'.

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  • GraingerTV has launched an independent operation to produce corporate Videos.

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